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Fall 2018: Updates on Patient conferences. New research made possible by the SHaRe Cardiomyopathy Registry and new additions to the HCM Care App.

Winter 2017: Great tips on staying healthy for the holidays, a blog by the CDC on the importance of getting a flu shot and the story of Bouba', an amazing DCM patient. 

Summer 2017: An inside look at SHaRe's HCM data and a link to a great documentary on one families journey to discover the gene behind their DCM. 

New Year 2017: Understanding cardiomyopathy research and what it means for you.

End of Summer Update 2016: First SHaRe Study Published by the National Academy of Sciences!

Spring 2016: Slides and Video from our Stanford Conference and great news from MyoKardia for patients with Obstructive HCM. 

Autumn 2015: Conference Video and Slides Online! New PI added to SHaRe. Help for Holiday Health.

Spring 2015: Two more SHaRe conferences are in the works and coming your way.

Summer 2015Mark your Calendars!!! We're working with the Children's Cardiomyopathy Foundation and the Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Association to bring conferences to Ann Arbor, Chicago, LA and San Francisco!! 

Happy 2015!: Clinical Trials, Conferences and Outreach. Get ready for an awesome 2015!

SHaRe Newsletter Second Edition: New HCM Clinical Trial, Cardiomyopathy Conference Recap, and Sammi's Story,  November 2014

SHaRe Newsletter First Edition:  Register for our upcoming Cardiomyopathy Conference in Boston, Read Wendy's inspirational story, and get more useful information! September 2014

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